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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 15, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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angry. >> controversy at a south bay school. the alleged comments after the election that has landed a teacher in hot water. plus, it's a plan that could impact hundreds of thousands of south bay workers. the move by the city counsel expected today that could put more money in your pockets sooner rather than later. "today in the bay" starts right now. a very good morning on this tuesday, thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's get straight to that forecast today. another day to enjoy before some change? >> transition day we'll say. patchy fog this morning. no rain to worry about for your morning commute. but by the evening, things could be changing up around the bay area as we look at temperatures in the mid to upper 50s around the south bay. no fog around the south bay right now. napa and santa rosa, you see the rain on the north coast. that will be dropping into the north bay later this morning. a cooler day today of highs in the mid 60s around san
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francisco. mike? >> i'll track to see if there are any effects on the roadway. take you over to san francisco. you transition on city streets getting on to eastbound 80. one disabled vehicle blocking one lane, but still it's there. we'll report that to you. times looking good around the bay. we have a little slowing, but getting better as the construction clears around grant line road. thank you very much, mike. break out those crab crackers and your bibs. the commercial season for dunn generous crabs officially under way this morning. >> do we have to wear the bibs? >> yes. >> "today in the bay's" pete suratos joining us from fisherman's wharf. good news after a very rough season last year. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sam and laura. it will be business as usual for the fishermen here. you see a boat in the distance,
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loading up their pots. that's not necessarily going to be the case for folks up north. per california department of fish and wildlife, they sent ous a news release that the portion of the coast has been closed off due to those high levels of demowic acid found in crabs in that area. also a close your north of pigeon point in san mateo county. if you remember last year, that's the same they say that can sicken people who consume it. closing fisheries last year from santa barbara to the oregon state line last year. it lasted through march and cost fishermen to lose millions of dollars. they say the acid levels are much lower this year. but the areas that are affected will be closed until they feel those areas are safe. live at fisherman's wharf, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> pete, thank you very much. a teacher is on paid at striive
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leave after reportedly telling students they'd soon be deported under a trump presidency. that teacher works at oak grove high school in san jose. now a student who does not want to be identified tells nbc bay area this all happened last wednesday. she says she and her friends decided to sit during the national anthem at a school-wide rally in protest of what she calls donald trump's rhetoric and poxes on immigration. she says the teacher told them to stand, and when they didn't, the student claims the teacher got frustrated and said this. >> good luck with being deported now that donald trump is president. you guys had it better here than you will over there. i was actually shocked and angry because i never thought i'd hear this coming from a teacher. >> the east side union school district would only say a teacher at oak grove is on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation. the student hopes the teacher is going to be disciplined.
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we reached out to the teacher for comment and have not heard back yet. police in alameda are hoping someone saw a man who two girls attempted to grab them as they walked to school yesterday. police say the two girls age 7 and 10 were on the sheffield way walking path yesterday morning when a man in all black tried to grab one of them. the girls ran to a nearby home unharmed. investigators are looking for more information. they hope someone might have seen something and will call them. police say a confrontation over a pot grow is what led to an early morning shootout. investigators say at about 1:30 a.m. yesterday two or three burglars went into a home in the irving ton neighborhood of fremont, and at least eight shots were fired when they encountered the growers. police say one man was hit in the shoulder. even though the grow is illegal, so far no arrests have been made. there's a large reward to help catch the gunman who shot at two san jose police officers. we covered this yesterday
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morning. it happened sunday night when the officers approached a group of men in an east side neighborhood near luby drive. the men took off gu reportedly one turned around and opened fire on the officers. neither officer was hurt and neither fired back. crime stoppers is offering a $10,000 reward for information. a:05 right now. a pivotal decision over marijuana laws. after a four-hour debate, the oakland city counsel approved writing new laws when it comes to handing out permits for cannabis. last night the city council chambers were packed with people expressing concerns about speeding up the permit process. >> to me this is the largest economic opportunity that i've seen come through oakland in the 30-plus years that i've lived here. >> now this is going to be a source of growing revenue, how do we make sure that revenue is
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used in a way that includes benefits to the very communities who have been hardest hit? >> many cities already have permit systems in place which makes it attractive for current pot club owners to move. happening today, it is not a question of the but when. the san jose city council is going to be debating a timeline for raising the city's minimum wage. it's part of a regional south bay plan to raise wages to $15 by 2019. 13 cities in santa clara county endorsed the plan back in june. it would outpace the state's minimum wage jump of the same amount in several years. san jose is the largest of those cities. according to groups advocating for the quicker raise, it would impact about 250,000 workers. a settlement could be reached as soon as today in a looming legal brawl over parking between the sharks and the city of san jose. the sharks sued to block a new
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development near diridon stat n station. that will have office and retail space. the sharks argue they would lose 835 parking spaces right by the shark tank. city leaders today plan to approve a settlement. that deal includes spending $4 million from the developer to buy nearby properties for parking spaces elsewhere. san francisco transportation leaders today will debate more tweaks to the city's shuttle program. some critics are calling for fewer designated stops and more of a hub-type pickup and drop-off system. one study suggests fewer stops will mean more shuttle bus commuters driving their own cars instead. the mta is not expecting to make a decision today. university and startup called arrow robotics are launching a pilot program for free shuttleless drivers. the shuttle can transport three people at a time. it will drive in a loop and make five stops throughout campus.
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'tis the season. there are no doubt lots of holiday tree guests. holiday tree lighting ceremonies taking place over the coming days. tonight san jose santana row. the festivities will begin hours earlier, starting at 3:00 this afternoon. that's going to include live music and other sorts of performances -- trying to create suspense here. >> it's santana row. it's going to be beautiful. there we go. lots of that. how are we looking for the lighting? >> we have clouds on the increase and we could see a few scattered showers around the south bay later this evening. but not so much for your morning commute. 59 degrees, cloudy skies in san jose. we'll see rain at times in the north bay through about 10:00 a.m. 3:00, you see the system, as it approaches the south bay, cloois and the dlours and shower
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chances bringing the temperatures down. 6 we will see much more rain with the weekend weather system. now tis as we get into saturday and sunday, locally heavy around the coastal hills this weekend. >> rob, we'll watch for the changes you have. so far not much change on the roadway. it's still early, 5:09. a tad bit of slowing out of the altamont pass. westbound 580, much better before speeds coming up after the construction crew cleared around greenville. toward livermore and dublin, you're at speeds. we have aa little slowing for vallecitos. a smooth drive. you're at speed through the south bay. back to you. up next, president obama weighing in. the advice he's giving to president elect donald trump. >> the donald trump rally continues on wall street, down near 19,000. lyft shaves its iconic mustache. we'll take a look coming up in business and tech.
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when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase, so you can. =r/wsullroweaer ase good morning palo alto. a little less foggy than 24 hours ago. expecting temperatures in the mid 60s with rain on the approach. how much you can expect coming up. over here we see a tiny bit of slowing for the bay bridge, a few more clouds on the incline. nine minutes across the span.
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slowing from fish ranch to the bay bridge, just seven minutes. 5:12. hundreds of high school and middle school students in oakland are protesting the election results. they marched and chanted from jack london square to city hall ending in the fruitvale district. students from menlo atherton high school marched from el camino and into palo alto. both protests were considered peaceful. president elect trump's transition is starting to take shape. >> he's already taking quite a bit of heat over one of his choices. tracie potts joins us from washington with more on his possible cabinet picks. >> reporter: right now steve bannon is the cabinet choice or i should say the white house pick that's raising a lot of eyebrows here on capitol hill. he has had ties to white
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nationalist groups, but he will also now have the ear of the president. >> criticism is pouring in on president elect donald trump's choice of steve bannon as strategist. >> the fact that republicans have been silent on bannon's appointment is a disturbing sign. >> reporter: bannon's breitbart site is popular with extremisex. >> very smart man. >> i looks forward to having a discussion. >> reporter: president obama declined to weigh in on bannon but giving president elect some advice on how to deal with a divided nation. >> how he signals his interest in their issues or concerns, i think those are the kind of things that can set a tone. >> reporter: including points that mr. trump's campaign finance chair is being considered as treasury secretary. >> a lot of hard working going on upstairs.
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>> reporter: conservative radio host laura ingram as press secretary and rudy giuliani and john bolton as secretary of state. >> i won't be attorney general. >> you won't be attorney general. >> i won't have to decide that one. thank god. i can escape that one. >> reporter: insiders say the trump transition is -- >> that was tracie potts reporting. facebook and google have found a new way to fight fake news as we continue to talk about this? >> scott mcgrew, they're going to try to cut off the financial incentives. fake news sites have the incentive to create ridiculous insights in order generate ad revenue. the guardian making claims about hillary clinton that weren't true. the denver garden itself is fake. it's not a newspaper. fake article in a fake newspaper getting money from ads every time that you look at it. facebook and google will no longer send ad dollars to those
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sites. they won't prohibit the sites from showing up on your feeds. you're going to have to deal with that, but it is a good first step. during the election buzzfeed figured out many of the fake news items you saw in your facebook feed were authored by a groupmacedonia. they weren't trying to influence the election, just trying to get people to click on the articles to make money. they knew if they wrote something outrageous, that would work. the ave. raej rate for a 30-year mortgage hit 4%, the highest it's been in years and years. the reason, it's tied to treasury bond yields and the donald trump rally on the stock market. my boss would kill me if i took the ten minutes it would take to explain the relationship. you're going to have to take my word for it. let's check the rest of the news before the bell with landon dowdy at cnbc world headquarters. >> complicated over here on wall street, but not for the dow. up six days in a row, begins at a fresh record high 18,868.
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now wall street is watching to see if the post trump victory rally can continue and if the dow might top 19,000. it's only 132 points away. the nasdaq starting in negative territory, weighed down by worries over the tech sector. today and all this week there is one big focus for investors, and that is retail. the government is expected to report that retail sales grew last month by more than half a percent, pretty encouraging. as for earnings, reporlgts from retailers like home depot who reported better-than-expected results earlier this morning. >> landon, thank you. lyft changing the look again, going from a light-up mustache to a multicolored sign in the car window. you can choose the color so you can figure out what lift is yours on a busy street after a concert or what. that should speed up pickups to under three minutes. they're launching a series of commercials aimed at uber.
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here is showing the reaction of ride corp, which is really uber, trying to shut them down. >> three, three and a half minutes. >> too fast. >> how are we going to slow them down? >> spike strips. >> lasers. >> i don't understand that. >> cattle on the road. >> maybe. >> ultimately they come up with feeding them turkey. we went from the light-up mustaches, it wasn't that long ago we had the fuzzy mustache. look at that -- >> those are our favorite mustaches. >> we'll look back and say, do you remember when that was a thing? >> i have to say i didn't want to ride in those because it seemed a little dorky. >> a bit more sophisticated. >> laura had an interesting point, shaving it off in the middle of know investment ber, a/k/a movember. depending on how you plan to
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travel for the thanksgiving holiday, you're not the only one on more. aaa reports 1 million more americans traveling this year than last, las vegas, san francisco, san diego and orlando the top spots. new york city ranked fifth. you can watch it right here on nbc bay area. i'll be here on thanksgiving morning no doubt with your butterball turkey. now you're making me feel sad. >> a butterball puturkey. >> you can trade and work? >> we are not going to go that far ahead with our forecast. we have something ahead -- >> middle of next week. >> the stormy pattern that's setting up that's starting to get its act together today, really kicking in for this weekend. next week does look pretty stormy. plan ahead if you want to look
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at a ten-day forecast. that's how things are shaping up right now. cloudy skies around san francisco. not much in the way of fog. san jose 59 degrees, cloudy skies. north bay -- once again north of belvedere, you can see san francisco looking south. we have patchy fog, visibility at times down to a your kwa ter mile. napa out by the airports, .25 visibility, santa rosa, .50 mile. we have more overcast skies as opposed to the ground level fog. no widespread rain just yet. this will be progressing south into the north bay later this morning and then around lunchtime, beginning to see it cross the peninsula and the system does fall apart by 3:00 this afternoon. still plan on a few scattered showers around the south bay with mostly cloudy skies today. rain totals underwhelming. less than .10 inch for most of the bay area. some spots not seeing anything. this is helping to break down the ridge of high pressure followed by stronger systems in the seven-day forecast that will bring much more rain especially
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by the weekend. mid to upper 60s around the south bay. 67 in livermore, mid 60s around peninsula. the north bay highs only in the low 60s. so the pattern change we're seeing now, a chance at just a few showers. cold system, you'll notice that thursday morning as the lows dip into the 30s and 40s. saturday, that is when we think we can see as much as a half inch or more. notice the north bay could see two to three inches of rain. that's going to go through saturday, sunday and monday. we're talking about a few showers that may try to last into sunday. this is a cold weather system setting the stage for wetter and windier weather this weekend. >> right now the roadways are moving well. watching the drizzle in the north bay and west of the city. we have no major problems on the roadway. that is an alarm for folks traveling westbound. reports that one lane was
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blocked for a short period of time approaching treasure island. even though it's still in the chp report, look at the live camera. we don't see any problems coming around the bend past the tower and through the treasure island tunnel. so far that report has been there for a few minutes. back to our maps, looking at the rest of the speeds and the flow in this area, north of the san mateo bridge no problem. south bay seeing more fog. over the santa cruz mountains, word of a spinout. both lanes of northbound 17 are blocked at redwood estates. hopefully it will clear quickly. over all the south bay not showing delays. back to you. good to know. coming up, putting the squeeze on restrictions. the legislation to be voted on today in san francisco that could impact short-term rentals. thean ancco ardfsurvirs ll te dd
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the san francisco board of supervisors will vote on stricter time limits on shert rentals. the legislation would impose a 60-night yearly cap. the current cap is 90 nights and that is for unhosted rentals, and 365-night limit for hosted rentals. the city struggled to enforce regulations that require hosts to register with the city partly because airbnb refused to share data on registers. "nbc bay area responds" to a
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myrrh rag go woman who says the post office is putting people at risk for identity theft. >> consumer investigator chris chmura joining us to explain how. >> hour mailboxes are hit hard this time of year. remember the election flyers we were getting and now all the holiday catalogs. all that on top of every day junk mail. if you notice your mailbox is empty, your reaction might be relief but it shouldn't be. a thief may be stealing your identity. >> your post office would give a total stranger my mail. >> tonight we speak with a postal inspector about the steps the post office is and isn't taking to protect you. if you have a consumer complaint, you can call us. the number is 1-888-996-tips, or visit have a great day. >> you, too, chris. up next, taking a stand. thousands coming together across the country. the biggest day of action yet
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across the dakota pipeline. where people will start gathering here in the bay area in just a few hours. one teacher here at oak grove high school will not be in class today as the district investigates an alleged comment about deportation at a school-wide rally. >> reporter: a $15 an hour minimum wage coming to san jose ahead of schedule. the reason why labor leaders say it's not soon enough. we're watching increasing clouds this morning across the south bay. saratoga, high temperatures today mid 60s as rain is on the approach. another stronger weekend storm ahead, the forecast when we come right back. ad l li piure
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a cornucopia of music to wake you up on this tuesday morning. hello san jose, time to get up and get moving. >> did you say corn? thanksgiving around the corner. >> candy corn. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. how about a plethora of different weather conditions. dropping the ten-cent words. >> a miasma of clouds. >> oh! >> we've got clouds out there. not much dropping rain just yet as we're looking at temperatures in the 50s outside. still around the north bay
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dealing with patchy fog. visibility down to about a quarter mile in napa and santa rosa. cooler day in store. low to mid 60s for highs today. rain on approach to the north bay as we track two storms now between now and this weekend. the timing and how much to expect coming up in a few minutes. big vocabulary, there's slowing to highway 17. at the bottom of the screen, the crash blocking both lanes. just got word from chp they've moved the activity off to the shoulder. things are clear getting up toward the rest of the bay. we're also tracking on the bay bridge reportedly a disabled vehicle in the treasure island tunnel. i've only seen the travel time come up by another minute. pretty standard, 11 minutes from the maze to the city. i'll give you the live shot coming up. back to you. a south bay teacher potentially in hot water after
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allegedly telling students they would soon be deported under trump's presidency. this is a story we first brought you at 11:00. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez live at oak grove high school with what students are saying this morning. kris? >> reporter: apparently a lot of the students are talking about what happened last wednesday, the day after the election when there was a school-wide rally. we did reach out to the teacher in question here to get their side of the story, but we have not gotten a response back. what we can tell you is how the student describes what happened at that rally. again, it happened on campus, the day after donald trump's election. a student who does not want to be identified tells us that she and her friends chose to sit out the national anthem in protest, she says, of trump's rhetoric and his position on immigration. she says the teacher asked her and her friends to stand and when they didn't, she says that teacher said this: >> good luck with being deported now that donald trump is president. you guys have it better here
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than you will over there. >> i was actually shocked and angry because i never thought i'd hear this coming from a teacher. >> reporter: we did reach out to the east side union school district. they will confirm that the teacher is on paid administrative leave as there is an investigation on going. we're hoping they might divulge what the investigation, what the outcome is at some point. but this is not a criminal act, and so there are no charges filed. we will not name the teacher at this point. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> kris, thank you very much. happening today, more than 150 protests are planned nationwide against the da colt th-- dakota access pipeline. in san francisco people plan to gather in just a couple hours to protest and march against the pipeline. they're meeting at 6:30 at the army corps of engineers office
5:34 am
in civic center plaza and then at 4:00 p.m., demonstrators are meeting in front of the wells fargo in mountain view. today the san jose city council will discuss a plan to raise minimum wage to $15 in just three years. "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us with the details. this certainly could impact hundreds of thousands of workers. >> reporter: correct. good morning, laura. over 100,000 hourly workers will eventually see their minimum wage go up to $15 an hour. it's just a question of when. that's the issue that the san jose city council will be discussing later today here at their meeting in city hall. right now city staff is recommending the following schedule, raising the minimum wage to $10.50 this upcoming january. 12 bucks the next january. $13.50 january of 2019, $15 by january of 2020. the state of california is requiring all localities to raise their minimum wage to $15
5:35 am
by 2022. you can see san jose would be ahead of the state schedule, but the city association of santa clara county which san jose is a part of, has already agreed to hit that $15 minimum by 2019, not 2020 which, as i mentioned, san jose is considering. you can see why the san jose city council is feeling pressure to speed up the schedule. according to a uc berkeley study put out this summer, the minimum wage increase across all cities in santa clara county would help 250,000 workers with what would be the equivalent of a nearly 20% bump in pay. the study also notes that over 1,300 people would lose their jobs during the phase-in. so the city council will discuss today, can vote on a minimum wage after the thanksgiving holiday. later today outside city hall, hourly workers, labor and community groups will hold a news conference to pressure city leaders again to raise that minimum wage to $15, not by
5:36 am
2020, they are seeking 2019. live outside san jose city hall, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> bob thank you very much for that update. 5:36 right now. a body was found floating off a south san francisco marina. investigators say they found the body of a man yesterday afternoon. they believe he floated in from somewhere else. police are not releasing his name. they are telling us he doesn't own a boat at the marina and there were no signs of foul play. this was in oyster point just north of sfo. it's been two weeks since a san francisco attorney was found shot to death in front of his el cerrito home. a large reward is being offering for more information. 62-year-old james gilliland, junior, was killed last month. investigators are looking at surveillance video from nearby homes. they still haven't identified any suspects. gilliland worked with clients like apple, oracle and sony.
5:37 am
there's now a $50,000 reward for information. a standing ovation for the woman who took a stand after being sexually assaulted by a stanford swimmer. >> emily's statement was a gift to survivors like me, one that we will work very hard to repay through our honesty and our actions. thank you, emily. >> actress celina dunham tearfully presented the award to emily doe. she was honored as one of "glamour" magazine's women of the year. she was assaulted by swimmer brock turner. her powerful 12-page letter to judge aaron persky went viral. actresses took turns reading the letter at part of the ceremony at last night's event. emotions are running high after last week's election. people in san francisco took to
5:38 am
b.a.r.t. stations and made so-called empathy walls. this one is at 16th and mission. organizesers are writing anyone to write down their feelings about elections on sticky notes and post them for anyone to see. overnight a lot of people were looking up to see something that has not happened in 69 years. the extra super moon. >> it's been quite a while. take a look at the stunning sight over the san francisco bay. >> super moons happen about once a year on average when the moon travels closer to earth than usual. >> it appears 30% brighter. since this is as close to our plan 234e9 since 1948. >> this is sort of my robby, to be out there and catch extraordinary events like this that are so rather. >> i'm excited. it's glowing quite bright. >> if you want to see the next extra super moon, you'll have to wait until november 25th in
5:39 am
2034. we've also posted some of the spectacular images from the moon on our website. click on our story to get to the side show. check it out on it's 5:39. mostly cloudy skies, not so good for super moons around the bay area right now. upper 50s around san jose in the south bay. 56 in the tri-valley and the north bay. napa and santa rosa, visibility down to about .25 mile. mid morning, a chance of showers approaching us. we head towards about 10:30. by mid afternoon, the system reaches the south bay but really does fall apart. mostly cloudy and cooler conditions. highs in the upper 60s, santa rosa low 60s today. we'll catch a bit of a break with chilly mornings to wrap up the workweek. a lot more rain especially in the north bay, rain starting saturday and sunday and
5:40 am
lingering into monday. we have folks who will linger ar krog the bay bridge. that's the only sticking point on the map. westbound does slow because of the volume. the metering lights are on. look at the live shot we have. it does indeed show as you approach that tower, we have lights that are not moving all the way over on the left. it looks like a disabled vehicle is causing a little slowing blocking one lane westbound, smooth toward the treasure island tunnel. back to the maps, we're talking about the travel times on the approach. the span itself slows a bit. that's typical. more clouds coming through richmond. no surprise. bark to you. >> thank you very much, mike. up next, palo alto's hp versus dmv in court. what the company is accused of not doing and the reason it's in trouble. the markets hitting new highs. the dow up to almost 19,000. we'll show you the latest score. take a look at this man breaking into a bay area pet
5:41 am
store, not looking to steal animals. the item she was after and got next. you're watching "today in the bay." =r/wsullroweaer ase
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5:43 am
good morning. evergreen waking up to cloudy skies for the morning. numbers in the mid 60s this afternoon with rain chances increasing by mid afternoon across the south bay.
5:44 am
how much you can expect coming up. >> the travel time shows a slow drive across the bay bridge. progress for the disabled vehicle blocking one lane, slowing also for the tri-valley. a pretty typical pattern. 680 slows from 580 to vargas road. 5:44 right now. a mother is behind bars this morning accused of putting her child's life in danger by letting exotic animals including lions roam free in the family home. the houston mother is accused of keeping three lions. police say she had a cougar, a skunk and a fox. the mother, tricia meyer was arrested in reno. investigators say she sold a california man a kitten for $3,000. she took the money but never delivered the kitten. three people including a 16-year-old boy have been arrested for snatching a purse. the suspects were stopped for
5:45 am
driving recklessly. during the stop, the officer heard about the robbery at the mall. police say the stolen purse was found in the suspect's car. police in the east bay right now are looking for this man, a about to come on to your screen there. they say he ransacked the el cerrito pet hospital looking for antibiotics. clearly unmasked. investigators say he took several pill bottles and got away before officers arrived. call el cerrito police if you recognize him. more rallies planned for today following the election for donald trump. later today protesters will be gathering at the emanuel courthouse in oakland. they're rallying, many people taking to freeways, shutting down traffic. several people were arrested after blocking interstate 580. 5:45. a group of community college faculty members demanding a new contract. today union members will hold a
5:46 am
meeting. they're saying they're asking teachers to pay more for health care among other things. contract talks stalled back in may. cyber security issues will be front and center at an event in san francisco this morning. department of homeland security assistant secretary robert sill verse will speak at the event this afternoon. the event will focus on policy and law surrounding internet security. taking a stance against fossil fuel. more than 600 uc faculty members joined students demanding leaders not support the industry. that was part of a climate justice conference that happened at cal over the weekend. faculty and students against fossil fuel in general says its university system's moral responsibility to fight for a cleaner future for younger generations. apparently it is officially tick season. health officials in san mateo county are warning folks that winter is the season for these bugs. ticks, of course, carry lyme
5:47 am
disease among other illnesses. to protect yourself use repellant that contains deet and avoid walking through tall brush and grass. today the resort opens its $175 million expansion, a 320,000 square foot expansion that includes an outdoor pool area, a spa, meeting and convention space and more hotel rooms. the casino in roanoke park opened three years ago. in walnut creek, city council will discuss the future of aquatics and heather farm park. the "east bay times" reports the city is considering replacing the current 44-year pool facility with a brand new one. hewlett packard being ordered to finish the job it started with the dmv. the dmv sued hp saying it paid more than $13 million for a new system that has not been fully
5:48 am
delivered. hp says it met its contractual obligations. the controversy over facebook's fake news continues this morning. facebook setting new policy, but at the same time maintaining the problem isn't widespread. >> scott mcgrew, this comes down to how you measure this. that's right. facebook is defending itself by saying only a small percentage of the things that you see are fake, but when you look at how often that very small percentage is actually shared, the problem becomes way more apparent. a researcher in vancouver took a look at how often people shared fake news articles. this is fake, not only is the headline misleading, the entire ard curveball is fake, there is no denver newspaper by that name. it's a fake newspaper. so the researcher, mike kaufield, determined this fake article was shared 568,000 times on facebook. that's more than a half million
5:49 am
times. that is a huge number. kaufield thought, how does this compare to true articles? well, "the washington post" on the same day, its most shared article was shared only 38,000 times. "the boston globe's" spotlight team, the famous spotlight team like in the movies, this story was shared 181 times. the point here, says kaufield, is there is nothing trivial, rather or occasional about fake news on facebook. wall street continues its donald trump rally. the dow has been up six days in a row, so just barely monday. earlier landon dowdy was talking about maybe hitting 19,000 at some point. when money flows into those stocks, it has to come from somewhere. it's coming from tech stocks and bonds. that changes how much you pay for your house, sam and laura. i'll tell you more coming up in about half an hour. you were talking about
5:50 am
donald trump just a moment ago. take a look at these. with the election of donald trump already a big economic boone for one factory in japan only because of the face. check out these trump rubber masks. they've become so popular the factory can barely keep up. before the election, they were making 45 masks, now they're making 350 a day. >> can they make a smiling version, too? would that be too much to ask. clear skies the morning, a huge change from yesterday where the fog is hard to miss. it was everywhere. live look at the eastern span of the bay bridge. a nice start to our tuesday morning. what a difference a day makes. >> a great looking shot there. crystal clear. you were calling this kind of a transition day. >> we're seeing that this morning. clouds a bit higher from sea level and ground level. one exception to the rule would be the north bay. you can see san francisco there,
5:51 am
the city lights lighting up the clouds below, and a super moon backlighting the clouds from above. san francisco right now, you've got 58 degrees, cloudy skies drizzle at time around the peninsula. palo alto, 58. you can see again the freeways there. yesterday morning it was knost the case. visibility down to a quarter mile around the south bay and innocence peninsula. clouds but not much fog around san jose. check out napa outside the airport. quarter mile visibility and less than a mile in santa rosa. plan a little extra caution for your morning commute. not much showing up on the radar. you can see the rain on the north coast. the system will approach the north bay, a little later on this morning, mainly light rain showers. as it approaches the south bay, watch what happens. a lot of clouds but not a lot of rain. scattered showers by mid afternoon. notice how the interior santa clara valley might not get anything out of the system. north bay system picking up the
5:52 am
most rain between now and the first half of tomorrow morning. highs in the mid 60s around san jose. that's down five to ten degrees from yesterday. you can see around pleasanton and livermore, highs in the mid to upper 60s. peninsula temperatures, mid 60s. highs around san francisco mid 60s north bay highs in the low to mid 60s as we head to the afternoon. the system will bring cooler air, chilly morning ahead as we head towards the weekend. this is the rainfall estimates for that weekend storm. saturday to sunday could be a half inch or one to two inches in the north bay. in the seven-day forecast, chilly mornings to finish the workweek, rain starting saturday and probably lingering into early monday morning. >> kids on vacation next week at our school. maybe indoor activities. outdoors the roadways showing slowdown. the bay bridge definitely an
5:53 am
issue because the metering lights were turned on. we have a crowd building as lanes have cleared from the tower, we show the earlier live shot. that should be a better flow of traffic in towards san francisco. the build toward the eastshore freeway, still anticipated 23 minutes from highway 4 to the bay bridge. 23-minute drive right now. over in the south bay, heading south off 880 in toward hayward and fremont, 17 minutes towards the dumbarton bridge. again, i'll show you the live shot for san jose. northbound 101 slows at 680. it will ease over the next 20 minutes. back to you. >> coming up next, locked in step with other big cities. san francisco mayor ed lee sending a strong message to the future president donald trump, promising to keep the city a sanctuary city that protects undocumented immigrants. the action he plans to take if he needs to defy the federal government. first, happening now a man with an air horn that sounds like a train has allegedly been
5:54 am
terrifying people in one california neighborhood. on our home page, read more about the noise so loud it could be heard across town. plus, mcdonald's has a newburgher. it is called the sweetie, and it's filled with nutella. you can keyed about it on our facebook page where you can get a little taste of the magic. back in two minutes.
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president obama is starting his final foreign tour at commander-in-chief. his trip will likely be dominated by questions about president elect donald trump. just a few hours ago, air force one touched down in athens, greece. today president obama is meeting with the greek president and prime minister. later this week he's touring cities there and is expected to make a major speech about democracy and globalization before heading to germany. he'll finish off his trip with a visit to purview for the asian economic summit. san francisco is standing by its promise to remain a sanctuary city even in the face of losing hundreds of millions of dollars. mayor ed lee and others held a union rally at city hall. the mayor pledged to protect undocumented immigrants, muslims and members of the lgbt community.
5:58 am
this despite threats to by donald trump to withhold moneys against those who do not cooperate. >> as i said, we'll have to find new friends if we don't have a friend in the white house. >> mayor lee has support in his corner from governor brown who also said he, too, will stand up to federal orders in order to protect civil rights. the environmental protection agency, the epa is considering relaxing the rules that could lead to higher levels of radiation in your drinking water. senior investigative reporter stephen stock takes us inside the battle within the federal epa over your drinking water. good morning, guys. while radiation a natural part of our environment, some folks worry the higher levels proposed by the epa could lead to higher instances of cancer by those who drink this water. the new protection action guides would raise the allowable levels
5:59 am
of radioactive materials in a community's drinking water in the event of a spill. in some cases thousands of times higher than the current federal law allows. the epa says the levels are safe since the agency has a, quote, better understanding of radiation contamination based on current science. in an e-mailed statement, the epa spokesperson said they're made to, quote, guide planning z and decision making efforts by officials and are, quote, not intended for long-term or everyday use. we found thousands of activists, doctors, scientists and policymakers who oppose the idea saying it puts the public's health and safety at risk. you can hear from both sides on this issue on our website, just go to guys, back to you. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call, 1-888-996-tips, or send us an e-mail to t
6:00 am wet weather is moving in. tracking changes on the radar as a little rain is making its way to the bay area. the timeline with rob and the possible impacts on your drive to work with mike in just moments. >> reporter: commercial dungeness crab season kicking off today. there's something in the water that may prevent fisher men from taking part. a teacher in hot water. a south bay high school student says her teacher said she'd be deported when donald trump takes office. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good tuesday morning to you, thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. a beautiful shot of san francisco behind us right now. very clear. we are waiting for some raindrops on the windshield, if not today, at some point in the next week. >> for the weekend, bet on it. right now looking at just mainly cloudy skies. a


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